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The morons online who try to sell poetry books to anyone who will submit a poem have promised me once again that if I submit a poem they will put it in their internation poetry book, Colours of the Heart. Loving these dorks from the bottom of my heart for their low low standards, I was inspired to write a poem for them.....This is how it will look when published.

The State of My Heart
To Gaz, and her Game Slave 2

My heart burns with an inner fire
That cannot be tamed
By weasels, lemurs or piggies.
My heart leaps with a joy
That shall never be quenched
By shirley temples, fraps, or gatorade.
My heart aches with a deepness
That cannot be filled
By 'ludes, cement or beanbags.
My heart melts with a heat
That cannot be painted
By plumbers, cops or lawyers.

Be careful with it
Or the piggies will try to tame your own!

Scary, scary, red-eyed piggies.

Ahh.....the warm feeling that comes from being an internationally published poet....

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