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New Years...

First, I want to say that I really truly honestly and sincerely hope that your 2008 is your best year ever and holds nothing but wonderful things for you.

Beyond that, I HATE New Years. I really do. I give myself permission to eat lots of cheese and drink myself into NotHatingItAsBad, but if any of you like New Years and have a great point of view on it, I'd love to hear it. From pretty much the day after Christmas, this darkness starts creeping up on me, culminating on the 1st and it sticks for WEEKS afterwards. The entire week has been a countdown to Facing Stupid Reality, the eventual putting away of the decorations (or the eventual feeling of being-crazy-holding-onto-the-past of not putting away the decorations), trying to find a way to get a working vehicle, facing the fact I DON'T have a working vehicle, trying to do all the things I can't avoid getting done but are almost impossible without a vehicle, waiting for the eventual reappearance of the bugs, doing all the things I've been avoiding because It's The Holidays, etc. etc. etc.

Yes, some people celebrate surviving another year (Yay! I'm not dead yet 0_o) or the chance at a new beginning (which you can have any day you choose to, and I tend to just see as another calendar filled with You Must Accomplish More THINGS).

So, you people who love this holiday, please tell me why, because I honestly want to see it your way. I don't want to loathe this holiday more than any other on the planet. Share??


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