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Japanese Food Glossary

The vast majority of you don't speak Japanese. Neither do I. That's why a couple of years back, I went through about 8-10 different web pages that explained various Japanese food terms you might come across on a menu while out, and compiled them into one long food glossary. As far as I know this is the most complete Japanese food glossary on the web, and I only ever link to it from my LJ. In any case, I came across a new food glossary at a web site I hadn't been to before and have now updated the glossary again. If you're interested in it, it's here...

It's only 44k. I tend to convert it to a palm file so I can have it available when I'm out at a restaurant. That's the reason I went to all that work. But since it's been updated, I thought I might offer it to the general public one more time.

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