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Another PR post!! Amazing!

Yes, I have finally gotten off my behind and made another page (or two) of pictures from the Puerto Rico trip. I got bogged down with the holidays and school and suchlike. But those are in the past, and Saturday is finally up. I hope to get Sunday and Monday up in the next couple of weeks. We are all photography hogs and take a LOT of pictures. In any case, if you want to see what our Saturday in Puerto Rico was like (our second Saturday) go here...

If you've missed earlier pages, go to the first page here to catch up

...although I don't recommend it to be viewed all at one sitting. After half an hour you'd be all GREENFLOWERSTREESBEACHGREENLIZARDBEACHGREENTOOMUUUUUUUUCH!!!1!eleventy!!1!1

Comments, as usual, here.

(Picture posts will be more frequent this month; after the PR pics, I have to post up everything SINCE June that I hadn't gotten to yet, either...)

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