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Part 1 of 3...

I've finally gone through all the photos in 2007 I didn't get around to editing because of college and the Puerto Rico pics. I'll be breaking this picture post into three posts, since there are so many and they have 3 basic themes. This will be the cat post, the next will be the Futurliner post and after that the etc.

In the summer time, the sun comes through the front window for approx. an hour a day. We call this hour Fairy Time, because it hits some prismatic items we have in the window and casts "fairies" for the cats to chase. Last August (?) I got a few shots of my cats wearing rainbows ^_^ The first two are Max and the third one is Hunley.

A few years back I was in a Michael's and saw some small hats for dressing up dolls. So, being me, I bought a few for the cats. Recently I took a few photos of them wearing the hats. This is the hat that fit best, so it's the shots I'm posting. Trust me, there were MANY blurry Cats Not Wanting To Be In Hats photos that were edited out. The first is Skate, then Hunley, then Max.

And here's Hunley with one of his favorite toys, Duck in a Ball.

For Christmas, catlyn99 bought the cats several presents, including a ball
made of catnip. It was VERY popular. Here's Hunley with it.

Here's 18 year old Skate being a kitten and playing with a ball at Christmastime ^_^

Max's favorite toy was his Smacky Mice, though. They rattle. Here's him carrying one in his mouth, so no one else can have it.

Knowing my tendencies to put little hats on the cats (having been drafted into helping in the past) catlyn99 also bought them a little Santa hat, which we proceeded to photo them in. First is Hunley, then Max, then Skate, all being very non-plussed about this whole hat idea.

And lastly, the bag the gifts came in still smelled like catnip, so Hunley investigates.

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