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Part 3 of 3

Last post. Behind the cut are flowers, friends, a turtle, some art of mine, me and some hummingbirds, and a beverage.

The first is me, Martin and Sarah (catlyn99) going down the log ride at Knotts Halloween Haunt.

We went on it twice because a large part of the night was spent with me going "logridelogridelogridelogridelogride!" The rest was spent with them trying to physically restrain me from beating up the Scary Clowns.

Here's a photo of some flowers outside the apartment. I thought it turned out well.

There's a little pond on the college campus I attend. One evening Martin and I hung out there and met this cute little turtle.

He was rather annoyed that, unlike the other people who tended to visit him, we did not have any Spare Doritos to share.

Here are some nice flowers Martin got me just because he's a Swell Guy.

...and these flowers were all leftovers from the Tournament of Roses Parade. Martin knew someone who worked on some floats, so we had official Rose Parade flowers for the first week or so of the new year.

This was just a really cute beverage I got from Borders. I take photos of all the really nicely put together food and drink I get because I like to remember them. And the gingerbread guy is cute ^_^

This was my final project for Illustration I. I got an A+. It is the best thing I've ever made by hand and I'm very proud of it.

(FYI, the blank box is for our contact information to go into, we were supposed to design a card to mail out that featured our artwork for hire)

Right before Christmas apostrophe's mom sent us this GORGEOUS bouquet of Christmas Flowers. It REALLY made the holiday for us and we just loved it.

This is just a shot Martin got of me by Karen's bird feeder. Her hummingbirds are VERY tame so I like to see how close I can get to them and still have them visit.

That's it! No more picspam. Until tomorrow or the next day when I post the Fillmore/Piru shots or the statuary at the college.

Yeah, more.

Wow. 0_o
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