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The last picture post for a while...

At the end of last summer, school was rapidly descending, and I could physically feel it. On the last Saturday before I expected to be homework-free, I despaired of the fact that Martin and I wouldn't have a chance to do anything special together for months. Martin, being the Awesome Boyfriend he is, agreed to drive to Fillmore with me.

For those of you who have no idea what the hell Fillmore is, it's sort of a minor tourist spot for people in Southern California. Wikipedia describes it decently. "Fillmore has classic "turn of the century" downtown architecture, a one-screen theatre, an historic train depot, - the Fillmore and Western Railway - a much photographed city hall, and many unique shops and businesses, including a local winery operation." We took a windey road to get to it instead of the freeway, so that we could enjoy California more, and as usual...

When we first got there we found a cute little ice cream store by the train station...

They had sugar free ice cream, so even I could have some and we both got treats. They also had...

..but we didn't get any of those. They had a lot of cool homemade candy as well, such as Oinkers, Turtles and Kittens, and some awesome looking shells. I don't like the taste of white chocolate, but the shells LOOKED really good.

We wandered around the train area a while, just browsing and photographing...

There's a winery with tastings right by the train station. We didn't get anything there, though. Still, it's photogenic.

General photos of the area...

One of the trains was converted into a little shop. The most awesome part is that the entire time we walked through it the guy in this photo was playing traditional train songs on the harmonica. It was VERY atmospheric. We was playing songs like "I've been working on the railroad". I assumed since he was playing the entire time non-stop that he would have a tip hat or something, but no. He apparently just enjoys spending his retirement sitting in trains playing train songs on the harmonica.

The Fillmore City Hall. Apparently every damn tourist that goes through takes a picture of it. I am no exception...

There's a little fountain and park in front of the city hall.

The Fillmore Historical Society. It's cool that there are so many neat things to do within walking distance, although I wish this place was open Saturdays.

I liked this shot enough I made a wallpaper of it for myself ^_^

We decided since it was still early and we'd never been there to head over to Lake Piru. On our way there, though, we saw another cool thing along the road to the lake, the Fillmore State Fish Hatchery. We were wandering anyways so we checked it out.

It turned out to be basically a few long troughs with shallow water and filled with fish that spooked easy, but that in itself was fun, although not necessarily nice so we tried not to spook them too much. There was also a little wildlife pond next to it with a lot of waterfowl.

Here's one shot of the fish. It's a bit hard to see, but they were pretty packed, which was cool...

Here's a movie where you can see the fish a little better...

You can see the fish pretty well in this one, although this next one shows them freaking a bit, which is also cool looking... (not particularly nice, but someone else was freaking them, so I figured I might as well get it on camera...)

An amusing sign, apparently designed in 1965 or so...

Here are some of those waterfowl I mentioned...

So we left the fish hatchery and went off to Lake Piru, with the hopes of a gorgeous lake with lots of swimming areas.

There was ONE muddy rocky swimming area that was chock full of people. As lakes go, it was a bit of a pit.

Well, so much for that. Since we paid entrance to the place, we went off to the boating area for a burger and to watch the boats go roundie-roundie. The lake is a lot prettier from a ways off.

This is the view from the burger shop. A lot nicer than the shot of the swimming area...

Martin, at the burger stand.

Okay, maybe I could have edited these a little more. But I like looking at Martin ^_^

While at the burger shop we saw a type of squirrel we hadn't ever seen before. We like squirrels.

There was also a cool bird in the trees that we'd never seen either. So it wasn't a complete bust, we saw new types of wildlife.

So to sum up, if you want to take a mini-vacation in the Los Angeles area, Fillmore, yes. Piru, not so much.
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