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Allllmost caught up with everything for the moment. The last few days have been hectic as fu**. I've finally finished getting stuff from the kids house, cleaning the entire house (twice.....took about 6 hours total....we need a new vacuum cleaner soon or I will go postal on someone.) delivering the kids present cause I forgot it last night, taking stuff to the salvation army, finishing my ferret icons (the non-holiday ones), wrapping Richard's birthday present, and showering so that I look decent for tonight.

I wanted to get the house clean enough that it will be clean on my birthday, Sunday, cause I won't have any time tonight or tomorrow. Tonight is Richard's birthday festivities and Saturday is when I'm seeing my 'rents for birthday stuff. In effect, my birthday will be all weekend long because of it. I may not post much for the next few days from the hecticness of it all. Saturday mom is taking us ice skating and after we're having dinner with Dad and Lydia at Cheesecake Factory.

Inbetween all this, I'm trying to keep the house clean and doing my Christmas cards. *sigh* I'm REALLY looking forward to doing nothing. I told Martin that so far the only thing I want to do on my birthday is go out and buy some ornaments for the tree (couldn't find our old ones at the kids house, but at least found the tree times two.)

Anyways, this is what I've been up to, this is why you may not hear from me for a few days and why I've slacking off on my communities as well. Blah.

A couple more things. Check out daktacular's recent humourous entry, it's fun. Don't forget to go to The Chunky Site and donate soup. And my bot is getting very lonely and after I programmed it to do so, no one has talked about Harry Potter with it. And by the way, may I add, my bot makes a lot more sense if you spell things correctly. It's only a machine after all.

You are... Shrek - "Well I have to save my
You walk tough and talk tough, but inside you're
just a gooey ball of mush. Your friends are
important to you (whether you admit it or not)
and you'd do just about anything for them (but
you wouldn't like it). Trust is important to
you, and so is respet. Looks don't matter to
you; it's the gooey ball of mush inside that
really counts.

What movie quote are YOU?
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Sidekick; Not recognized like the hero is, but you
know he couldn't have done it on his own.
Without you, the world would be in ashes. Yay
for you.

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