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Picture Post: C.A.R.E. Rat Show

I know all of you have been breathlessly waiting for me to post pictures from the rat show. ("We were waiting? Oh, yeah, she mentioned that last week. Huh...") It's a short set, and has two unrelated pictures that I thought some of you might be interested in seeing. I'll put the rats behind the cut so anyone who squicks easily at rodentry can be spared the furry beady-eyed carnage...

Firstly, I saw this in Walgreens and just HAD to take a picture. Be glad you didn't get this for Valentine's Day this year...

The Looooooove Lobster! Check out the scale of this against the shelves in back. This guy is like 3 feet long. Where would you even PUT this? The expression and lame' just MAKE this for me.

It occurred to me after telling several of you that I needed to take pictures of the awesome bowls we got in Chinatown, that if anything happened to them (i.e. earthquake) and I had no pictures of them I'd never forgive myself. So here's a shot of the new awesome bowls.

Adding to the awesomeness is that the tail and face on the outside of the bowl correspond to the tail and face on the inside. So the bowl always has a top and a bottom ^_^

OKAY! Rat show! I'll leave out the dull parts, of which there were MANY, and just talk about the pictures...

There were a lot of kids there and they all seemed VERY into rats, which was awesome. Here's one guy who was wandering about with his friend ^_^

Most of the time the rats were all kept in little bins and we couldn't snuggle much, but a few people let us hold rats, especially the people selling rats. Here's me with a friend. This was early on and I still needed a lot of ratting.

Martin made friends with the same dear...

That rat was adopted, so you know the sweet thing has a good life now. I think one of the things that kept us from taking a rat home was that all of the ones we got attached to were either not available or someone else took them home.

I mentioned in an earlier post that we won Ratatouille dolls. There was one little girl who REALLY wanted them. She played with them for a while until we began to fear for their little stuffed lives, so we suddenly remembered we needed to go to the car ^_^ We ALMOST didn't get Remy away from her! She REALLY wanted to keep them.

The campus where it was being held was actually very nice looking. We ate outdoors for lunch, although no one else did. Freaks. We actually got lucky, it rained about an hour later...

None of the videos I got were REALLY that different from each other, so I'm only inflicting one on you today. Proof that rats are sniffy and curious ^_^

To the costume contest! I don't honestly remember who came in first, but this was second place. A young girl made a costume she described as King Louis... after a bath.

All of the kids costumes were so earnest! Here's the third place winner, a flying turtle.

I think the rest are adult-made costumes. Here comes a pretty flower ^_^

There was also a Pretty Ballerina. Granted, it was a male rat. But he was still very petite and pretty...

I don't know the name of this next one. He was in a little vest/tuxedo outfit. I just love how confused by the whole thing he seems ^_^

That's all for the outfits. Here are two of my favorite rats. They are both full grown, but one is a big rat, and one is a dwarf rat. This image is through one of the bins, sadly (it was hard to get good pics with the rats mostly in bins and wiggly when they weren't.) The two are just so David and Goliath, though, I had to still post this one.

You can almost hear the little guy going "PLEASE don't eat me, Mr. Big Rat!"

The dwarf rats were ADORABLE. The size of itsy mice with all the cool personality that rats have. I've decided if I ever get a rat again, it will be a dwarf dumbo. Here's one now...

We waited for one more raffle before we left, of more Ratatouille swag and another stuffed rat. We didn't win it and were a little annoyed, but when we saw who DID win it, we were all... "Well, that's okay, then ^_^"

Isn't she cute and happy with her rat stuff??

The End

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