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Palm Users! Heads Up!!

My Palm Pilot, and odds are yours too, came with a whopping two backgrounds. A palm tree and a blue abstract design. You can customize the backgrounds with ANY picture, though. When I realized this, I went through my abstract backgrounds and made several Palm backgrounds that can be used behind your menus. I kept them all abstract, though, because I noticed the palm tree tends to distract, you look at the picture and not your menus.

The reason I mention this is because I now have Palm desktop backgrounds in various colors and shades in both 320x320 and 320x480. Since I went to the trouble of making these for Martin and myself, does anyone else want me to zip them up and mail them to them so they can use new backgrounds in pretty colors, too?

BTW, I did NOT create the backgrounds, I just picked ones I thought would look good on a Palm device and edited them to fit.

In any case, if you want them, tell me what email to send it to and what resolution your device is.

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