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PSA for Women...

Attention Women!

Stop Buying Shirts That Look Like This!!

Okay, open those in different windows/tabs and look at them again.

If they make the MODELS look fat and pregnant, how are they going to look on you? Are your arms that thin? This goes for this style of dresses, too. Do you know why some of these aren't even on models? Because even size 1 anorexic sticks can't make this style look good! Yes, I KNOW they're in fashion. Is being in fashion REALLY worth spending 30-50 bucks to look UGLY? You don't think they look ugly? That's because you've been brainwashed by the media that is constantly pushing this look lately. You see enough of the same thing on rich/famous/attractive people and you think it looks good. I'm the same way. But trust me this time. Do yourself and everyone else in the world a favor and stop spending good money to look ugly just because this style is being pushed everywhere right now.

I've been wandering the latest posted pics on LJ and every third picture is this style of shirt being sold, or a girl who just bought one gushing about her cool new shirt.


This may piss you off now, but in 10 years you will be thanking me.

EDIT: Skinny celebrities failing to look attractive in baggy shapeless clothing.

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