Fritters (fritters) wrote,

I *Heart* Quizzes

Probably should LJ cut this, but don't know how and I
like the pretty graphics so suuuuufffffffffeeeeerrrrrrrrr

Are you NASTY or NICE?

Quiz made by Angela

As for the BBQ, it sucked less than I thought, although between
traffic and trying to find Martin's hat at the mall and picking up
beer for the BBQ (which no one drank), we got there 2 hours
late. This, when dad said there was no particular time to be
there =\

The food was really good, they had like SIX desserts, although I
only had tiny pieces of four. There were awkward moments, such
as dad going on about how great Governor Davis is (who is a lying
cheating stealing moron who deserves to be booted from office) and
the multiple times we were goaded to provide grandchildren. On
the other side, we played with a couple of the kids, which wasn't
too bad. I showed them how to make rubbings. So, if you could have
taken my actual RELATIVE out of the BBQ, it was pretty decent, and
the rest of dad's dadness, I just took with a grain of salt.

(FYI, left earlier than I really should have because the one bra that
wouldn't embarass me too much was so small I was in huge amounts
of pain after a while. Otherwise, the kids had just started watching
Spongebob AND I hadn't seen that one yet...)

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