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A couple pics...

I was cleaning off my digital camera card in preparation for a trip to Death Valley (0_o) and thought y'all might want to see a few pics off of it...

First, I got dressed up for St. Patrick's Day this year, since it was the first full St. Pat's that I was Irish for, and thought y'all might want to see...

I also had on a green shamrocked hair tie. The little pin I'm wearing? It has two little L.E.D.'s that go blinkie-blinkie (the bartendress at the bar I went to liked it so much she made me turn it back on when I shut it down to conserve the battery ^_^) You can't see them much, but I've also got emerald-colored teardrop earrings on with a matching ring. And the lipstick is greener than it came across in the picture.

The bar I went to? They handed out little "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" necklaces to the patrons. Some of the patrons decided the decor needed some embellishing...

I was just amused at the seagull in the little necklace. The now IRISH seagull.

And this is Skate with Remy.



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