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A name everyone should know...

Not enough people know who Marni Nixon is. And they should. Because she is half the singing voices in the biggest musicals of the musical age. So since I think she's too overlooked, here are some of her bigger singing roles. Odds are you didn't even know she was the one singing...

Mulan (1998) (singing voice) .... Grandmother Fa
My Fair Lady (1964) (singing voice) (uncredited) .... Eliza Doolittle
West Side Story (1961) (singing voice) (uncredited) .... Maria
An Affair to Remember (1957) (singing voice) (uncredited) .... Terry McKay
The King and I (1956) (singing voice) (uncredited) .... Anna
The Secret Garden (1949) (singing voice) (uncredited) .... Mary Lennox
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) (voice double: high notes for Marilyn Monroe)
Dakota Lil (1950) (singing voice: Marie Windsor) (uncredited)

Didn't know all of those, did you?

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