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A Tale of Maxie...

There's a certain type of toy Maxie loves to play with. Many times when we have an individual food wrapper, such as a travel pack of something or such, Martin will tie the leftover package in a knot and throw it for Maxie, who will retrieve it a couple times and then skitter it around the kitchen floor.

Our fridge is kind of old and is missing the bottom grill on the front, so occasionally a toy will skitter underneath it. That happened today while I was cleaning the kitchen. So of course, being a Maxie Mom and not wanting Kitty to be Sad, I tried to retrieve his toy from underneath. I couldn't get it out, but I found a different wrapper, a Pretz wrapper instead of a Fig Newton wrapper. Well, I figured, he lost a toy under the fridge and here's a toy back from under the fridge. So at least the cat will be happy. So I threw the toy for him and off he went to play with it. Then I continued house cleaning.

I was vacuuming later, and there, in the middle of the carpet, was the Fig Newton wrapper. Apparently, not only did he remember his toy was under the fridge, AFTER going off and playing with another one, but he could retrieve it when Mom could not. Beyond that, he also pulled one other toy and a stir stick I didn't know I'd lost out from under the fridge. And not only did he remember which toy was where that he still wanted out from under the fridge and remember to go back and retrieve it, he moved it away from the OTHER toy and stick from under the fridge, because he knew specifically THIS is toy I want and NOT the second one of the exact same type.

He's an awesome cat.


In other news, does anyone know anything about replacing windows? Some people replaced Mom's and I have some questions about the workmanship (or lack thereof). I have a couple pictures where they used shims and such to make the windows fit that I want to run by someone who knows more than I, so I know if I should call them on the carpet for this or contact the state contractors board.

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