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Update blah blah blah...

Very little really noteworthy has been happening. I cleaned the house Friday. Me and Martin did the whole present exchange thing with mom yesterday (also had coffee with Jason). Mom opened her DVD player early so we could set it up and after we told her her tv was too old and we needed extra parts, she decided just to get a new one at Sav-On (they got these nifty 20"ers for 99$). We got her all set up and she's a happy media-camper.

postrophe said he would call and probably see us tonight, but it's almost 5 and nothing so far. Hope he does, but I'll survive either way. Martin's napping, John is out, the tree is lit and I'll probably join Martin after getting caught up in my daily Neopet tasks.

For all those who are interested, and all those who I pushed to do the same thing, here's our tree. It looks a lot less fake in life and a lot prettier, but it's very hard to get the lights to come out right in pics. Take a pic of your tree and see what I mean.

Yes, that's a Winter Jack-In-The-Box head on top of the tree. We've never gotten around to buying a star, despite the fact I'd like one. We had a big gold tacky bow and a star made of aluminum foil around cardboard before. Slowly, we work our way up ^_^

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