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Death Valley Picture Post #2 - The Busy Day, Pt. I

Why did I title this part 1? Because I have almost 60 pictures from the second day we were in Death Valley, and I can't seem to whittle them down more, and I don't expect y'all to dig into a batch that big. For what it's worth, there's this many because we got a LOT done on the second day.

Feelin' brave enough to dig in?

Morning in Stovepipe Wells. The market across the street...

...and a shot on the way out.

ASIDE: It just occurred to me, maybe I'd be more selective in my picture posting if I weren't so damned enamored of so many of the shots I got...

Here's the only decent shot I got of the sand dunes outside of Stovepipe Wells...

And this is the Devil's Cornfield. It's not corn, of course, just brush that looks like corn stacks, but it's still pretty interesting...

We stopped and got some shots of some cool flowers we found. Here are the ones I couldn't completely identify. I'm splitting these up into flowers I can and can't identify, because I got a LOT of flower shots.

I have no idea why I can't get a type on this next one. It's totally different from anything else in Death Valley, Karen and I BOTH bought a guide to Mojave flowers and Death Valley flowers AND I have a guide from the ranger's station AND searched the internet. No idea what this is.

Believe it or not, this is NOT all the flowers we found either. Even though we missed Death Valley's version of Golden Week, when the whole damn place is supposedly carpeted, there were still flowers all over the place to the observant.

This is some type of phacelia, but I'll be damned if I pinpoint which one.

Another phacelia? Where are the botanists when I need them...

The next two are Mojave Asters, and while I should post them in the Flowers I Saw in Death Valley post later, these are here because I can't identify the bugs in them! I found a batch of the asters and about half of the flowers had one of these little guys in them!

One looked different, though!

We referred to him as the Cop Bug, since he was almost white and black instead of red and black ^_^

The first official stop of the day was to be Rhyolite. This is a ghost town right over the Nevada border, with an estimated top population of 10,000. Imagine it, 10,000 people, two schools, a train station and within a few years less than 700 people and everything closing.


Here's one of the cabooses left over near the train station.

A shot of the area...

I wasn't going to show much of the old train station, since it was hard to get a shot of it well through the fence, but I later decided the fence and barbed wire added to the forbiddingness of the whole place...


One of the surrounding buildings...

This is Cook Bank. Amusingly enough, I found out after I decided I had to include SEVERAL shots of this place, because it was so photogenic, that this is the most photographed ruin in all of Nevada.

Here's why...

This was a store...

I kept thinking to myself with all the photogenic ruins "Jason would LOVE this place!"

Another store. This one is for sale. If you're interested I can blow up the pic with the phone number on it. It would be awesome if one of you owned it, eh?

There was also a bottle house built by Tom Kelly in 1906 and restored by Paramount Pictures in 1925 for use in a movie.

There was a little village of bottle houses set up in the side yard, as well as various collections of glass. Here's one of my favorite shots. If you like it, I have it as a desktop in both normal and widescreen.

A close up of the bottle house, also available as a desktop...

The rest is in the next post... Comment here on any of these pictures or to tell me what the heck type any of the flowers were.
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