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1. Important Article... Seriously, you need to read this, it could save you THOUSANDS of dollars in exterminating bills.

2. If you buy me this, I will do any and all graphic design/web design you ask of me for the rest of my life. Seriously.

3. Iron Man. See it. Seriously. Now. (comments may contain spoilers)

4. A Dog's Breakfast. Cheesy fun. But in a completely good way. I totally recommend it.

Star Wars Horoscope for Sagittarius

You are superbly wise and have been known to spread your wisdom widely.

You are impatient and pushy when people take your teachings too lightly.

And your philosophical side always peeks through.

Star wars character you are most like: Yoda

What Kind of Spy are You? (For Hip Chicks)

Your Spy Type is: Aristocratic AgentYou're prim, proper, and refined. You are extremely charming and can persuade people to do almost anything.Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept it: Foil world renown jewel-thieving duo Pierre and Paulette Purloinier's plot to steal the famous Dope Diamond from an exhibition in Rome.
Take this quiz!


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