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After losing all the crap on my hard drive (and taking a full DAY to find my fonts!) I wanted to put a new desktop up so that my computer felt MINE again. And I wanted steampunk. And it had to be widescreen. And for the life of me I just couldn't find a steampunk background that fit my screen that I LIKED.

So I made one.

Okay, it's MOSTLY steampunk, because I'm new at this genre and I'm still in the baby steps arena of photoshopping, but it's nice enough that I'm willing to use it as my desktop. I hope you are, too ^_^

Here's the thumbnail...

The widescreen version is here...

and this is the non-widescreen version...

Leather texture by deviantart user elenulin and cogs from

Comments make me more likely to do this sort of crap...
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