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Death Valley Picture Post #3

Not really feeling this one. The fact that I ordered all the pics from snapfish, then scanned them, then resized, tried to color correct and found out none of them turned out well enough to make any of my beloved desktops, and the best copies of the pictures were gotten from doing screencaps of the snapfish slideshow and then correcting THEM, well, it all sort of got in the way. And I'm sorta down about the loss of all the great desktop pictures I was gonna make. But SOME of you probably actually care about seeing the third day in Death Valley pics, so I'm gonna be a Good Blogger (biscuit??) and post them anyways.

Did I mention there were a lot of ravens in Death Valley? Well, there are.

Those ravens vaguely feel like they need a caption, don't they?

On our way to Furnace Creek for breakfast (because we all decided the restaurant was way better) we noticed they grow their own dates out there.

This is the restaurant we went to most, BTW. I had an Omelette of Wonderfulness. That's not the name, but it ought to have been.

On our way out, Karen noticed a big old train they used when they were shipping the Twenty Mule Team Borax out of the area, and got some great shots. Mine bit, and I'm tired enough of editing photos that I'm not going to go through Karen's too, so sorry. But there was a train. And across from it was this nice shot...

Here's a flower...

The next stop we were planning on making was Artist's Palette, which is an area where the land has all sorts of natural spiffy colors in it. On the road to it, though, there was a big ol' hill that lots of people were hiking up and taking photos. Martin and I joined them. Apparently people were also piling stones in interesting ways. I got a few photos and both Martin and I made another couple of piles.

The most common shot you see of any of us on this trip... taking photos.

And on to Artist's Palette...

Have I mentioned there were a lot of ravens?

I have no idea what it is, but near Furnace Creek there are some other rock/soil weirdnesses that were colorful. They honestly reminded me of Corn Kitty Litter.

Our next stop was to see the Salt Creek Pupfish. Fish... in the desert. In a creek about 1 and a half inches deep. In an area that gets over 110 as a rule of thumb. They were really awesome. I had some movies of them. Here are some photos.

Afterwards we headed back to L.A. We stopped and got some wildflower shots on the trip home, though.

This is like the second coolest flower we found, because I swear to god it looks for all the world like some sort of wild onion. I can't find anything that matches it in the books, though. So here's what's probably an onion!

Also, one or two of you may recall, (you do, don't you??) that I was saving pictures to make a post of just the wildflowers we found that I could identify. Well, I am taking a miss at that, but here are some of the better shots...

This is some ground cherry. It ends up making these little balloon things after it's bloomed ^_^

This is some sort of pincushion, I can't really pin it down, so to speak.

This is my favorite shot of blooming Joshua Tree, from Rhyolite.

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