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NFayre Visit - Picture Post Pt. II

I was going to post day 2 of the pictures yesterday, but an Artficial Emergency interrupted. Anyone interested in seeing these (all 2 of you) can click through to the cut...

The next day we were going to try and hit Olvera Street, Little Tokyo and Chinatown all in one day, and we ended up only hitting the first two, because a couple of festivals ganged up on us.

Remember this picture?

It turns out it was being held at Union Station. The Union Station that was one block from Olvera Street so we took the train there.

There were several tables set up with people handing out various pamphlets about why you should take the trains in Fillmore and to Merced and Pasadena, etc. I actually didn't get any photos of the event (bad blogger!!) but that nifty logo? They were giving away t-shirts and bumper stickers and such with it on it! All three of us grabbed a swag bag and headed to Olvera Street for some authentic Mexican Culture.

...and ran face-first into Taiwan Fest-LA.

If running into a Taiwan Fest on your way to Olvera Street isn't Los Angeles, I'm not sure what else is. I believe these performers are from the Song-Jiang Jhen Battle Array Show, but I could be mistaken.

This shot is from Michelle.

There were also some Lovely Ladies in Lavender (don't know who they really were)...

Later they danced for our pleasure ^_^

(Pic from Michelle)

Actually I may as well mention here that all the movies embedded in this page are from Michelle, as well. I took movies, too, but her camera gets sound and mine only gets video, so all of her movies from the day were Far Superior.

Wanna see the Lovely Ladies dance??


This actually did all happen pretty much at Olvera Street, though, so I was wild and actually got shots of historic downtown Los Angeles. Firstly, here's Father Junipero Serra.

The Pico House...

La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora Reina de los Angeles, the oldest constantly operating church in Los Angeles, other than the missions which started California in the first place...

While on Olvera Street, we checked out the Avila Adobe, the oldest standing residence in Los Angeles. Here's a shot of the courtyard...

...and here's nfayre in front of the cactus garden.

We all got shots of the interior, but honestly, I didn't like the way any of them turned out. So tough luck. =P

I DID get a shot of Benign Girl, though!

Cheap knockoff toys can be quite amusing.

I love that she's listed as being Creative. I should have bought one, tossed her in the spare room with some canvas and paint and said "Get to work, bitch!" and made a lot of money off her artwork.

We stopped for lunch at La Luz Del Dia because I'd heard they have fresh handmade tortillas and damned if they didn't. The food was a bit heavily salted for Michelle, but it takes a LOT to keep me off of fresh authentic Mexican food. Tacos and tamales and jamaica. Man, I love jamaica. (Note to self: Make some damned jamaica!)

Even with Michelle not being totally fond of her meal, we still managed to have a pleasant lunch. There were a gaggle of freeloading birds and we kept making little piles of rice to entice them to share our company.

Okay, I lied, one video is from me. Birds eating rice.

As we were finishing up our meal, the group that I think is the Song-Jiang Jhen Battle Array Show came parading by the patio we were on. (Michelle pics...)

After watching them we decided to start walking over to Little Tokyo. That took a while considering we had to pass through Taiwan Fest-LA again, and Cool Stuff continued to happen. This is my favorite part. They had some flag people doing Flag Stuff to who is probably Ten-Drum Arts Percussion, listed as "a renowned drumming group that specializes in a hybrid drumming style, which uses a variety of drums and disciplines."

Here's a Michelle pic of the flag peeps...

...and a video of hers. I wasn't really that into the flags, but listen to the music!

Here are a few shots we got of the drum group. Two Michelle pics...

...and two of mine.

A friend of mine knows taiko drumming (hey, qphelia!!) and has been in a group who didn't allow her to do the big drum because she's a white chick, so seeing a girl at the big drum just made me wibble like crazy. Go Drumming Chicks!!

You don't have to watch all the drum videos, but I DO have to post them ^_________^

After we all dragged ourself away from them, we saw the Wu-Fu Diabolo Team practicing on our way out. Michelle pic...

Little Tokyo! Finally!

When we hit the village plaza, we came across Greg Walsh, a renowned American Shamisen player. He was selling cd's for only 5 bucks so we got 2 copies. At one point he broke into Iron Man and a couple of us couldn't help but giggle. He was full of awesome. If you like traditional shamisen music, go to his website and bribe him for a cd.

We wandered around, bought some things we didn't really need, but totally wanted and then hit a boba cafe for a little rest and rehydration.

Michelle got this shot of the Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist temple on our way back to Union Station.

...and Union Station, being the photogenic joint that it is, I got these shots...

There was a cute fountain in the north courtyard so we got a couple shots...

Afterwards, we headed home, Fed Starving Kitties and then had sushi-ness and tempura at Oishi. The chefs bento has about 13 pieces of sushi (rolls and nigiri) for about 11 bucks!

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