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NFayre Visit - Picture Post Pt. III

Day three of the pictures taken while nfayre was visiting, in which we go to the beach.

Michelle wanted to hit a beach. We had timed our beaching to a point when the weather reports gave us the highest chance of sun.

No such luck.

So we sat on a cold beach in south Ventura County and flung bread at birds, for which they were grateful for as long as they were capable...

Birds like this one...

...and these.

There was a small batch of flowers nearby.

We had gotten a table right by a fire pit. Apparently people routinely dumped the old burned charcoal bits in the sand, because after Michelle and I dug our feet in the sand a while (it was warm!) they looked like this.

Here's proof Michelle was actually there.

I also got three Mediocre Movies, as is my wont.

Here's the birds getting fed...

...a dragon that was flying overhead...

...and a bug we saw.

That's honestly about as exciting as I can make our Sunday. Picnicking snacks and swimsuits were brought, but it was COLD that day. Michelle never did get a day on a warm beach in our trip. But she did get some very good Indian food that night, so hopefully that helped.

Monday we played DS games and watched anime, and that's pretty much everything that happened.

So now you know.

And knowing is half the battle.

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