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First, a lovely note from my Bizarre News mailings....This sounds like something I'd do.


MOUNT DESERT ISLAND, Maine - As a joke, fishermen Jim Bright and Chris Costello dressed a female lobster in a Barbie outfit, complete with pink high heels. Their little prank has saved the crustacean from the steam pot at least 10 times. Barbie Lobster, as she has been nicknamed, has been hauled up and thrown back on several occasions. The radios used by lobstermen buzz with laughter and chatter every time a new sighting of Barbie is reported. Costello made a special trip to Wal-Mart to purchase the blue blouse, red- and white-checkered shirt and shoes that Barbie Lobster wears. Barbie hasn't been spotted since early December and apparently was unkempt and almost naked, except for the heels. If she makes it a few more months, she will be home free for another season. "We have our spring fashions all ready to go," Costello said.


And, I know it's a little late, but here's some of my favorite Christmas mp3.s

First of all, because I love them so, the Jingle Cats, doing Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, although it's not my favorite Jingle Cats song by far, it's the only one I've got on mp3.

And it's not truly Christmas without Burl Ives. This one is Holly Jolly Christmas. I can picture him as a snowman a lot better than I can picture the actual person. Odds are you can, too.

And for those who don't feel the need to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we have Kyle from South Park, singing Lonely Jew at Christmas.

South Park has a metric buttload of good Christmas songs. I personally wish I had Cartman's version of "O Holy Night", but another rerally classic one is Satan doing Christmastime in Hell.

And if you haven't heard this one you absolutely HAVE to. The Animaniacs do their own version of The First Noel and it totally massacres it and makes it so you can never hear it completely correct again. It's that good. Animaniacs doing "No L".


Lastly, last night Martin and me went to one of those Christmas Tree Lane sorta things, and took pictures of the two houses that seemed to be most in competition. They were right across the street from each other as's shots....

Merry Christmas! *blows kisses*

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