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Heritage Valley Picture Post

Wondering what we did to celebrate thudpucker's birthday? Wonder no more! I've got a picture post all set up now! That's a huge shock, eh? Honestly, I've considered just making a California Tourism Community to post all my picture posts in, so much of them have that "Visit Sunny California!" feel...

For his birthday, Martin decided he wanted to go ride the Fillmore and Western Railway to Santa Paula and back. So, we got into my Recently Fixed Car, which made it all the way there just FINE, bought tickets and headed to our train.

Here it is now...

Martin, gettin' all comfy in one of their really nice train cars...

They came by and actually clipped little holes in our tickets, just like the olden days. Martin thought that was VERY cool and wanted a scan of the tickets.

The holes are little hearts. Is'nat precious??

Here's a detail shot of the roof of the car.

We got a shot out of the train as well, to show the general train and the area. This is while going through a citrus orchard, by the way.

That's one of the things I love about Heritage Valley (the area that Fillmore and Santa Paula are in.) There's something very 1950's California about the place, and the tourism board and citrus orchards do nothing to discourage that.

I also got a shot of the car we were in. Check out the girl on the far right. AWESOME shot ^_^

Sadly, this shot has some window reflection in it, but it gets across how lovely the area is pretty well.

We had a 12:30 appointment in the food car for lunch. Here's a Very Blurry Shot of us. Notice the matching Train Day t-shirts...

The food car had these awesome little retro fans on the roof of the car. I had to get a movie of them, they were very cool looking.

Sadly, we got to Santa Paula before we were done with our lunch. This is sad because Martin was promised free dessert since it was his birthday. They promised we could get it when we departed Santa Paula, so we headed out to check out the town for a while.

I got a shot of the area so it would feel more real to y'all.

The first place we checked out was the Glen Tavern Inn and Restaurant, mainly because it was Right There, but it was also a very nice place and worth our time poking around it.

On our way out I noticed a little buddha fountain, in the shady courtyard, and there was music playing overhead. It was Most Tranquil.

Across the street from the Inn is the house I will buy if I ever move to Santa Paula.

We wandered around the center of town for a while until it was time for the train to leave. This seems to be what pretty much everyone does. Go to Santa Paula, mill about, come back to Fillmore. Here's the town's clock tower.

One of the murals the town is semi-famous for, this one is about how Santa Paula is the citrus capital of the world. I got a picture mainly because I've always enjoyed trompe l'oeil.

This was my favorite building downtown. I have no idea what it is, except that it's cool.

On the way back to the station, we encountered a huge fig tree.

Here's a better idea of how big it is.

Santa Paula also has one of those weird ball fountain things.

I stood and played with it, giggling like a dweeb, for about five minutes.

We crossed the street to check out the Santa Paula train depot and the little art gallery inside.

This is from Martin's favorite artist in the place, Tink Strothers. She used to send letters to her guy in WWII with decorated envelopes and the museum had a collection of them.

Then we headed back to the train. Here's a couple of cool shots near the tracks...

So, back into the food car. I grabbed a quick shot of how nicely it was decorated. Here's some detail of the ceiling and walls, including more of those cool retro fans.

Now I'm going to tell you about the dessert. Martin's free dessert was strawberry shortcake. Not just ANY strawberry shortcake. Strawberries that had been picked the day before that were bought at a local roadside stand.

Let me point out some details in that photo. See that spot of sunlight on the left? Imagine you're sitting in front of that shortcake, with the sun dappling gently across the table. See the holes in the whipped cream? How fluffy and light that topping must be. Completely melt in your mouth. Oops, there's some strawberry syrup on the close edge of the bowl to you. Can't you just reach over and clean it off, licking your finger afterwards?


After we finished that super fresh strawberry shortcake, we headed over to the open car, and man, I wish we had earlier. The weather was perfect. Sitting there in the open air, the breezes coming over the citrus orchards through the car, I had a glass of iced tea in one hand and my feet up.

Martin got a movie of it, too. It's almost like being there...

You know me, though. If I had iced tea in one hand, I had the camera in the other...

Let's check out those orchards...

Martin noticed they had some old style insulators on the telephone poles. VERY cool.

Almost back to Fillmore we noticed SD Milk.

Your one and only source for all your Super Deformed Milk needs ^_^

One of the things I really enjoyed about the trip was being on the inside of railroad crossings. It's a totally different experience to pass RIGHT BY one of those loud train crossings and know you're on the "danger side" ^_^

Back in Fillmore we bopped around a little before heading home. Here's a nice train detail...

The train area...

Fillmore City Hall.

Blossoms that have fallen onto a bench in the shade.

The Fillmore F



...and one last Fillmore shot. A NON-blurry photo of us!

FYI, the next day postrophe and krystalemerges took us out for Hawaii'an food, and we stopped at a Tesla dealer on the way back to the house. Here's a shot of thudpucker and postrophe in a Tesla.

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