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Multipost Doom

I've been saving little things for a multiposts lately and whenever they stack up I'm gonna post. It seems easier than posting 2-3 times a day 0_o

Here's the latest coolness I have stumbled upon on the web...


Just _smelling_ coffee is good for you...


Why doesn't this stuff get as many headlines as "Supersize Me"??

Virginia man sheds 80 pounds eating at McDonald's

It's all about THINKING about what you put in your mouth, folks, McDonald's is not inherently evil!


...On August 18, 2005, he was promoted to Colonel-in-Chief. He is the first penguin to hold this rank in the Norwegian army...


Latin culture is beginning to melt into Japan... Interesting article and some fun pictures.


Pick a subject or two and go to town ^_^


Edit: Baaaaaa!!

My Text Crawl


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