Fritters (fritters) wrote,

On another note... are some pics of water in the area and my cats.

I've been jonesin' for water-proximity so I went to see if people were allowed to get anywhere near the Encino Reservoir.

No, they're not.

Here's about the only shot I could get without crawling into someone's multi-million-dollar back yard.

Martin was aware of my longing for water-proximity so we went to Lake Balboa the next evening and watched the sunset.

We did notice that there was an area where it seemed fish were constantly surfacing, though. The plan?? To buy some bait, and toss bits of it in, so that we can see the fish better. Hey, there's no fishing without a license, and there's no feeding of the birds, but no one says you can't feed the fish.

This is my cat Max. He photographs poorly as he is a light-sink. I keep taking pics of him, though, because he is shiny and foofy and beautiful.

This is Hunley. He is also foofy and beautiful.

This is Skate, who proves you don't have to be foofy to be beautiful.

And to those who don't visit here much, yes, I always show pictures of my cats, and yes, I realize it is a bad net-habit. I don't have kids. Look at my cats.

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