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The latest abuses of power from the TSA. Some scary, scary stuff. Something is seriously wrong here...


Am I the only one tired of Obama going around the world and meeting with important people and telling them what he thinks should be done?

Here's a list of recent headlines...

Obama urges Iran to accept EU nuke proposal
Obama meets key Mideast leaders
Obama to visit West Bank, Palestinian official says
Obama to demand more from Europe in Berlin speech
Obama presses Europe on Afghanistan

"Hey, guys, I'm going to run one of the most powerful nations in the world, so you should ALREADY be paying attention to me, and heeding my words!" News flash, man. Until you actually get into office, you DON'T speak for the entire U.S., you only speak for yourself! How arrogant!

Did his people think this would look GOOD? What were they thinking, sending him overseas to tell everyone what he thinks is wrong with them?

Imagine if someone running for president from France came to your country and started telling you what was wrong with you and what you should be doing? How would you feel about it THEN?



EDIT: On a more upbeat note, do you like ska? Do you like cheese? Then you should probably hit play here...

...sneak preview of a cartoon starring the Aquabats.

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