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Picture Post: Arcadia Arboretum

Another part of our continuing series of blog posts where I show off why you ought to live in/visit California. Seriously, I ought to get a kickback from the tourism board.

Today's subject is the Arboretum of Los Angeles County. For those who aren't in the know (or in the care), lists an arboretum as "a plot of land on which many different trees or shrubs are grown for study or display." Basically, it's a park with a lot of different plants, although this one is really more than that.

They have a LOT of different things filmed there. You've seen the place over and over before, you just don't know it. They have areas that specialize in the plants of different continents, so if you're shooting a movie about China, you film in the Asia area, or if you're doing a Brazil Jungle film, you go to the South America section.

There's also history and stuff, but mainly, we looked at plants and animals.

The week before school started thudpucker, Karen Anderson, my mom and I headed off to spend a day there.

First you should know, the arboretum has peacocks. Lots of peacocks. So many that the city of Arcadia has to put up signs around the area saying not to feed them so that the birds will return to the arboretum where they belong. They're frequently found in local neighbors yards.

Because they have so many, I got a lot of shots of them. So if you have some weird peacock phobia, you may want to turn back before one shows up.

Oh, no!! Too late!!!1!1

We found one trying to get into the visitor's center.

We asked inside and apparently it is NOT an uncommon occurrence.

That day the trams weren't running. Mom, who has worked with purchase orders her entire life in various businesses, didn't like the excuse that the purchase orders didn't go through in time for them to have gas for the trams. She proceeded to give the management a piece of her mind and one nice gentleman who shall remain nameless escorted us around in a golf cart telling us about the flora and fauna himself. Here's the fountain at the front of the place.

In photography, if at all possible, the best time to take a photo is once you've gotten all your ducks in a row, so to speak.

Colorful flora.

A pleasant overlook of the Sierra Madre area. If you like this poke me for the desktop version.

The same area, facing the other direction. I just really liked this shot. Once again, poke me if you want a desktop.

The guide actually stopped the cart and grabbed some berries for us. Turns out these are COFFEE berries. Highly caffeinated.

Mom hated them, but I thought they were awfully pleasant. They tasted, well, like berries. I can see why goats eat them.

We passed by one of the waterfalls...

Poke me for a desktop of that last one.

Here's a pleasant area to have a picnic. Honestly, the place is about 70% nice places to have a picnic. The rest of the area is jungles. This one is available as a desktop, too.

Spot the alien trying to pretend he's a part of the flora here...

Part of the desert garden.

After we went around on the tour, we went to lunch at the aptly named Peacock Cafe. Pretty much the moment I was done eating, I had to grab my camera again. A peahen brought her peachicks about to hunt for leftovers at the outdoor cafe.

Peachicks. Little bebby birdies.

I got a LOT of pictures of the bebby birdies. well as a movie.

I love this shot. Bebby crossing a walkway to catch up with mom. Poke me for the desktop version.

Bebbies in the shade.

This is how unafraid of people they are...

Man: Why do I get the feeling I'm being watched??

Oh, one more.

This is a little hidden away fountain. Desktop available.

This is a shot of the lawn where you can sit while the Los Angeles Philharmonic plays...

This squirrel cavorted for our pleasure for a while, but apparently now he's all worn out ^_^

Martin and a duckie friend contemplate how it is they are suddenly at Mr. Roarke's house.

Here's a dragonfly Martin got a shot of...

Mr. Squirrel welcomes the camera crew to his pad...

A duckie encounter...

On one of the greens, someone created some Artiness.

The lily garden.

More peacockage. I wouldn't have gotten this shot if mom hadn't pointed it out...

We made a point of heading back to the waterfalls because I really really wanted to. There's a desktop version of this available, as well as a desktop version with an inset movie image of the waterfall in full motion in the corner, if you'd like either.

This is where the waterfalls flow to. There's koi in this pond...

The big waterfall. Both this image and the next image are available as desktop or desktop with an animated gif in full motion in them.

Gotta go back and use my tripod more. This is a movie of the waterfalls, both of them, so that you get more of an idea what the falls look like in person.

I really like the waterfalls. They're bigger than they look here. I took my sandals off
and the water was pretty nice, too ^_~

...and on the way out we saw, SURPRISE, a peacock!!

Comments, complaints, praise, condemnation and requests for desktops go below here.

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