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A multipost of interesting things before I disappear into this ferschluggina project for health class for the next 36 hours 0_o Wednesday evening can NOT come soon enough.


Firstly, a link from my mom, actually. Save the Plastic Bag. com. Apparently, plastic bags are better for the environment than cutting down trees, but the greenies want them banned based on false data.


Oh, this is SO wibble-worthy! Homeless vet reunited with 'soul mate' he thought was dying. If you can watch the vid without wibbling than you're stronger than I am.


You're trying to save gas, right? 'Cause you're not made of money? Well, have you considered hypermiling? I've been trying to practice a lot of this lately, but the most interesting thing I've found is where they link to a guy who's been doing traffic experiments. Apparently, by saving gas and not stopping all the time you're also helping to relieve the traffic behind you in jams. So it saves gas AND saves others gas.


The good news: will tell you how much you should expect to be charged for the car service you need in your area, to help you avoid being overcharged. The bad news: The numbers I'm getting are several hundred higher than I've been quoted from MY local guys for the work I've gotten recently, but maybe they'll still be useful to you.

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