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Picture Post: Glow 2008

A little while back postrophe and krystalemerges invited me to join them at GLOW 2008 at the Santa Monica pier, because hey, doesn't a whole bunch of things glowing sound like my cuppa tea? As usual, I toted along the camera and learned that I totally fail at getting decent night shots but hey, learning experience, right?

...Okay, um... this is from some shots I got at school while waiting for class to start. (Who's running this slide show? Are these out of order? *shuffles through slides*)

Ah, here we go, this is better. This is a shot of a tree that I thought looked cool at the beach. Because 90% of the shots were too blurry to show.

Here's the pier...

Pacific Coast Highway. I realized this was one shot that would look good blurred...

Once we crossed PCH to the beach, there was a cool art exhibit where they had set up a plasma lamp inside a ring like a little fire, and overhead was a canopy of white balloons with red and blue LEDs overhead. It was sort of like an artificial GLOW camp site. I got a movie of the "campfire", when it started really getting going with some kids around it ^_^

As we walked away from that we came across some images being projected on a sprayed curtain of water (once again, on the beach area...)

This is just a piece of a picture where I liked how the lights came out. Weird, I know...

As we got near the far end of the pier we saw the art piece entitled Migration of the Marine Tumbleweed, which seemed to be about plastic bags in the ocean. It was basically pretty lights bobbing on the water, but it still looked cool, though.

The ferris wheel on the pier all lit up...

krystalemerges and postrophe on the pier with streamy lights all around...

I caught a glimpse of the ferris wheel reflecting light off of the ocean and thought it was just gorgeous, so I got a shot...

That wasn't good enough, though, so I got a movie, too ^_^

Closer sort of ferris wheel shot...

On our way to the rave area, which was pretty cool but I have no good shots of, I realized my shots of the light reflecting off the water on the other side of the pier were coming out completely different, with the white of the crashing waves blurring and spreading the color of the wheel. I LOVED it. This is blurry, but I don't care, I think it's a great picture ^_^ FYI, desktop available of this because I wanted one for myself ^_^

That's the golden light of Santa Monica and Venice in the background...

There were more shots, obviously, but because of the fact my camera isn't really made for night shots, that's the quickie version of the evening...

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