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In retrospect, I actually preferred it when California let people drive while holding a cell phone to their ear. The crazies who were paying no attention to their driving were a lot easier to spot. Now I NEVER know if someone is paying real attention to the road. At least before when I spotted them in The Position I could mentally flag their car and give it extra berth.


Okay, guys, I know a lot of you are very pro-Obama and very into gaming, but I'm really tired of every other message on my f-list being a slam against McCain because of something he didn't even say. He didn't say it. And it's getting old. Yes, he had something printed on his campaign blog. The guy is running for president, he can't babysit every single person on his staff.

And no, I'm not pro-McCain either, I'm just tired of every message being "McCain is a poopyhead!"


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