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I could post the multi-post stuff I've been saving up.

I could talk about how I've been down lately.

I could post pictures (2) from the beach Friday and eloquently tell you that I made a big, wet, soggy, silly dork of myself and mention to y'all that if anyone wants to go swimming at the local beaches anytime in the next weeks that I will gladly tag along any day but Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday.

I could post pictures from the San Gabriel Mission Fiesta I attended yesterday.

But I think y'all are more interested in the story of what we did today.

I was feeling down so Martin decided to take me to the pet store to pet rats. None were out, but they took us in back to pet a couple that just arrived. While I was attempting to make Ratty Friends, Martin was looking at the rest of the backstage merch. One of the things they had were "hoppers."

Apparently, hoppers are tiny mice that aren't grown yet. They are called that partially because they're hoppy. They're jumpy, they're not socialized, etc.

I used to own mice. At that time I came to the conclusion mice do not have a lot of personality. They don't like people, they jump at the slightest provocation.

One mouse came to the employee lady's hand, though, in the hopper cage. So Martin played with it, and handed it to me. This mouse was already coming to people. It sat quietly and didn't jump. It seemed to prefer to be with people. So we walked around the store a while with it/him/her. Martin kept saying we should buy the mouse, but I was saying "there's a reason we don't have rodents, we don't wanna bother the cats, I'm in a weird mood and pets should be bought only clear-headedly after research."

Then we found out that the only mouse I've ever known to like people and be quiet and personable was in the feeder cage (A.K.A. "Snake Chow").

You knew where this was going anyways, right??

Okay, here's the part most of you were hoping for anyways...

This is what-we-are-assuming-is-a-her on a quarter for scale.

...on a quarter on her water bottle.

...and vaguely dwarfed by her itsy-tiny food bowl.

...and this is the part where you comment.


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