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Firstly, we don't go into pet ownership blindly. We looked online and learned that mice, girly mice especially, will Get a Sad if they have no friends. So today we bought a second mousie girl. I have no pictures yet, but picture the one before, but a little larger and with dark grey eyes and fur.

We're currently open for Mousie Names. We'd like names that preferably go together and either are girly (such as Christy and Cathy, Annie and Sandy, etc...) or reference their colors (such as Yin and Yang, Latte' and Mocha, etc...)


Today I began taking Algebra. For the sixth time. I have never failed algebra. Yet, here again, I am taking it over and over.

I first was in the advanced class and took it in 8th grade. Since we weren't supposed to know algebra yet, my teacher only advanced to algebra the top 1/3 of the class. I was JUST below that. So I passed algebra, yet had to take it again.

Then I took it in high school. The teacher was so bad at controlling the class that I was picked on so mercilessly (I had to keep buying new clothes because they kept writing on me) that my mom had me yanked from the class.

Take Three: Summer school. My friend Danielle was taking it, too, and we talked so much we got thrown out.

Take Four: I take algebra! I pass! AGAIN!

Take Five: I'm required to take a math class in college. They test me and decide my level is... Algebra I! So I sign up and only realize after I attend the first class that it's an Internet class. The class is far harder than a regular algebra class because there's less teacher time and because, well, the teacher doesn't really try, either. I drop it.

Take Six! This semester! Taking algebra for the SIXTH time. The worst part is even though I've passed it twice, because of the numerous takes and the fact that it seemed SO IMPOSSIBLE last time I tried that I'm getting Math Block and mini-panic-attacks in class already. For a class I've already passed twice and should be a cake walk.


I thought the sordid story might amuse you, though.


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