Fritters (fritters) wrote,

I am apparently feelin' posty today...

I love this with a fondness that probably scares Martin to some degree... LOLvows ^_^


I gave the people at a hard time about their lack of third party candidates in their quiz, and apparently so did a lot of other people. They now have a much wider choice for who you're most likely to match up for, vote-wise, and my results were...

# 1 Bob Barr 79% similarity
# 2 Ralph Nader 61% similarity
# 3 John McCain 56% similarity

I'm amused that I got Nader second ^_^ How are yours?


Here is a map from google...

First, let me point out the little things shaped like fires. They're fires. (FYI, some fires are hiding behind the "school closing" icons, so that big cluster there is also a huge fire) Now you see the freeways that are red? They're closed freeways. Imagine now what the commute must be like in those areas. Now check out the little blue star. That's our house. The purple star is Karen's house. Now imagine what Martin's commute must be like.


I'll let him clarify if he feels such.

Now look at the little blue star again. See those orange arrows? They're the direction of the prevailing winds. Now here's a picture of how they affect my allergies...

Neither one of us is having our best day.

This concludes the multipost/updateyness/whineyness.


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