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Pikcha Post...

Nothing TOO artsy here. A couple of good duck shots and some shots people who are closer to me might appreciate. I still haven't edited the Haute Dog Hallowe'en Parade pictures because there are over a THOUSAND of them.


In any case, here are the highlights of my past couple of months in picture format...

Firstly, on one of our recent jaunts, postrophe and I ended up at Wayfarers Chapel out in Palos Verdes. The link has WAY better pictures, but I thought these were pretty...

This next one is the best shot in the bunch. I have desktop versions if anyone wants one. On another of postrophe and my days out we ended up at Lake Balboa near sunset...

While there, we met Carl. Carl was very friendly. Carl thought we would feed him. There's actually rules against feeding the ducks but apparently people occasionally bend those rules because ALL the waterfowl go up to you to double check. But Carl never went away.

Carl just sat there. He could wait alllllll daaaay, he KNOWS you have some food hidden away. He's not going to be impatient and wander off like those other waterfowl. Noooooooo. Not Carl.

Hey, maybe ponytails are edible...

I gave him a hard time and started trying to pet him. Because that's just who I am. He didn't appreciate it much.

I actually have about 50 pictures of this guy, thank God for tripods. Here's the best actual portrait.

If you're ever near Lake Balboa, stop by and see Carl. He'll be here all week, folks...

In other Amusing Animals News, here's Hunley trying to decide if the flowers Martin bought me Has a Flavr.

Mom wanted us to get pictures of Wendy, because she's never heard of orange-toned mousies before, so I thought I may as well share the better pictures.

...and here are two with Wanda and Wendy together.

This concludes our Plugging Away at Amateur Photography Post. Hope you enjoyed a few.

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