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Dogs in Little Outfits...

I'm finally done editing and sorting the pictures from the Haute Dogs Halloween Parade in Belmont Shore a couple of months ago. I know it took a while, but let me point out that I took over 1500 photos. Of these photos, I found over 150 worth posting here. Then I had to edit those down to 50 so as not to spam y'all. But let me just say if you like these that I took a LOT of other good photos out of this set, so if you want to see more I set up a flikr set here which I highly recommend.

In any case, who's up for picspam today??

As usual, some cheesy captions may accompany these. I gotta be me.

Speaking of which... "Look, they're GIVING me a drink, I'm not STEALING it, okay??"

"I am a wicked bloodthirsty pirate. And this is my little foof dog." Seriously, though, check out the effort some of these people put into making floats for this parade...

The rock on this Indiana Jones float actually rolled in place...


I did NOT get enough good photos of these people. The girl in the front is Wednesday Addams and she's pulling along PUG-sley ^_^. The girl in back in Morticia and has a Gomez and an Uncle Fester dog with her. Sadly, I failed to capture the Awesome, but I assure you there was much of it there.

I just loved this shot...

All of the pics so far were from the pre-parade walk around we did. The rest are from the actual parade. Next time I'd get there sooner, pre-parade you get the best shots.

Here's Puggsley Adams with Thing ^_^

Not all of these need intros...

Astro-Mutt! And a "rover"...

"I'm a pretty pretty peacock!!"

In case you're wondering, this is a mermaid. Sort of. In reverse. I think we weren't sure how to put on the little outfit on our dog...

Look at the funny monkey!

If you don't support our troops, they'll all get a hangdog expression...

"I'll get you my pretty! And you're a little dog, too!"

World's Tiredest Bandito.

I tried not to post too many store bought outfits, but she TOTALLY has the
ears for this outfit...

Martin and a Green Fairy ^_^

A queen bee... notice she's surrounded by beekeepers ^_^

One of the Beach Boys...

While not eggceptionally executed, this chick emerging from an egg was a pretty cool idea.

One of my faves...

I'm not really into kid photography, but this was too perfect. How cute is this??

"I am a pretty pretty peacock!!"

"...tired now."

Don't forget the flikr set if you want to see more!

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