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Multipost updateyness...

Mainly I'm posting because this is the first real down time I've had this weekend and I felt like connecting with my friends. Busy, busy weekend.

We delivered presents to mom Saturday morning and then drove to Montclair to (poorly) help my stepfamily make the traditional Christmas tamales. After the tamale making there's always a HUGE meal of mainly traditional Mexican foods, which is always so delicious I nearly damage myself.

Then Martin and I drove home, dressed up like hippies and went to a "Blast from the Past" party at our Pastor/Preacher/Priest/Sermonizing God Guy's house. I HOPE to post some pictures later, as the team we were on with Alex and Destiny won the team prize, and Martin and I won the karaoke prize as well. We sang Mack the Knife as a duet and with a couple of other people (a foursome) sang I'm a Believer. For this we won an Electric Lizard. I have no idea how we won, we were up against a team with one of the church song leaders on it. Still, when you win an electric lizard in a church party for karaoke, you have to post.

Heading over to Jason's now for a pleasant little dinner. I wanted to update and throw multipostness at ya'll, though ^-^


De smart girls, dey like the boozamahol!


Okay, I know I can be a little... organized at times. But even I have my limits. I saw an article today entitled "How to Organize Your Junk Drawer." Ummm, hello, it's a junk drawer! While I like to sort my clothes by type in my closet so I can find things easier, organizing a JUNK DRAWER?? I think that's a sign of mental illness...


"This is a hold up! Give me all your money!"

"Ha ha! Get a job LOSER!"

"Then give me YOUR money, wage slave!"

"Umm.... I haven't got any either..."


Admit it. Sometimes your brain is going so fast you just can't sleep. Or else you're just too wired in general. Well now, there's help.

...and you're welcome.

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