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Why I'm Here....

For everyone who's ever asked me why I live in Los Angeles with the crime and
the taxes and the people living ear to ear, here's one good reason why. (Actually,
no one that's ever asked me that reads this as far as I know....)

Today, at 5:30 Richard and I just upped and decided, hey, its a nice afternoon,
let's go to the beach. There are not a lot of places in the continental U.S. you
can do that successfully (poinks Martin in the ribs a couple of times while
mouthing "Montana....North Alabama....")

So we went to one in Malibu and one at Zuma, got some nice pics, then
made it home in time for some Taco Bell with Martin and another
episode of Noir.

For all those I can hopefully make jealous, here are the beaches....

Sorry the pics are so bland, it was a lot prettier than it looks,
I tried pumping the contrast and saturation to match how it
was in real life, but browser colors just aren't doing justice
to it today...

One more pic by the way. Unfortunately, its hard to read, but the text was
too good not to take a picture of...

It says:

  • Pier
  • Well Head
  • Groin remains in sand and water

Richard explained exactly what it meant, but I still think its a humorous
way of putting it...


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