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Tech help possibly?

A couple of weeks ago we lost internet. I rebooted the modem, the router, and my earthlink diagnostic doohickey still said it kept failing here...

Test the carrier's connection
Test ATM OAM segment ping : FAIL
Test ATM OAM end-to-end ping : FAIL

I called earthlink and after a while of messing with stuff they said the problem was on their end. They would note it down and have it fixed in a day or so. Well, a couple of hours later it worked again, so I called back and told them and they said cool, but if it happens again give them this ticket number so they know what's going on.

Well, yesterday it went down again. I called them, gave them the ticket number, but this time they said no, it wasn't their fault, they sent tests from their end and it was because my modem was too old, sign up for a year's contract and send us money and we'll fix it.

So which is it? It's failing in an area under "Carrier Connection" as you can see from the copy/paste earlier. Today it STILL fails under that, but the rest of the connection works (those are the only tests failing), as you can see from the fact that I'm posting this. When Sarah was over last night, even when we couldn't get my DSL to work, she was able to effectively ping google and earthlink from a command window.

On the other hand, my modem is at least 5 years old, if not more, I can't remember. So does anyone know whether this is likely some back assward problem at Earthlink? We aren't even directly through Earthlink, they couldn't get our DSL to work directly when we first signed up so they had to go through our local phone company, so obviously something is weird with our lines anyways. How do I know if this is an earthlink problem or my modem?


On a related note, what do y'all know about internet privacy? If earthlink is sucking at us, I'd like to change carriers rather than pay for a new modem through them and/or sign up for another year. I looked at a Wired article about what ISP's keep what information and for how long, but only four companies answered their questions, and two we aren't in the right area for and the other two were AT&T, who bent over and handed lube to the government when asked for private records, and AOL who as far as I know are screwups and for people who don't know how to find a REAL ISP. So if we change from Earthlink, who has a good privacy record for us to switch to?


On another related note, if I disappear from the web you now know why...

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