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Usability poll...

If you can read this, please answer the poll ^_^

When you put a response in your LJ "Current Music" box, is it...

...what you are currently listening to
...just whatever you're hearing, even if it's not music
...the music you think most appropriate/funny for your entry

When you read what someone else has in their LJ "Current Music" box do you assume... is what they're currently listening to/hearing
15(88.2%) is what they thought was most appropriate/funny for their post

In an ideal LJ universe, would you prefer your friends put in their LJ "Current Music" box

...what they're actually listening to or nothing if they have no music going
...what they're actually listening to or what the ambient sounds are if they're not listening to anything
...whatever is most appropriate/funny in regards to their post

The management apologizes for the lack of ticky boxes in this poll...


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