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Quickie picture post....

I haven't been posting much because both of us have been sick for a while now. Yuck. In any case, I wanted to post these pics before I went back to school on Monday.

The first place postrophe and I went was Royal T. Martin stayed home and wrote. Little did he know that Royal T is an art museum, a gift shop and a Maid Cafe. You got it right, Postrophe and I went to L.A.'s only Maid Cafe! It was awesome and the prices were a lot more reasonable than I expected as well. Here's the best shot of the place...

Eventually we wandered to a tide pool area off of PCH and it happened to be low tide. I've only been to a tide pool and seen anything interesting once before in my life. As usual, pictures were taken...

Richard actually found an anemone!! I'd never seen one in real life. He's excellent at spotting this sort of thing. Everything cool we saw was something he found first and then showed me.

This includes a little community of hermit crabs...

Then Richard showed me a good place nearby to hike. We actually got to see the brightest full moon of the year rise over the mountains, but my camera has low-light grainyness like whoa, so all the shots sucked. Here's a shot that didn't, though.

The last shot is a desktop I made myself, so if you want to use it, the actual image is larger than it looks. Just right click and view image to see it full size.

Hope someone out there enjoyed these...


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