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Why has my journal been contentless lately? Cause my life has been, too. Still got the sinus infection although it's a bit milder, got a doctors appt. next Monday, so I'm pretty much doing nothing.

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Who's your inner classic movie star?

How I got this I'll never know, but I sure like the result!

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Mama's Boy! You are Quiche Florentine

Woah there- mommy need to read this text to you? Well, you are truly in good standing with her and the rest of your family, and you like your microwave meals to give you that thought of home you thirst for. Somewhat dependent yet a caring individual, it seems you don't need assistance anymore but you enjoy help and security anyways

I don't know about the whole "Momma's boy" thing, but I posted it because I was surprised that I got a result that was actually one of my very ultra favorites. Mmmm.....quiche.

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So close! You are an Almost-Geek!

You love your sci-fi, computer and video games, and keeping up to date with the world of technology. Though you try and keep one foot in the real world, you may find people hard to deal with and prefer to keep most of your relationships virtual, but you do make the effort to interact with the real world. You also know enough html to edit lines in your results just to see if your friends are paying attention.

Not my favorite cookie, but certainly an expected result.

What's wrong with liking everything in it's place??

the internet junk
'online test addiction test'
deems me: 52% addicted to online tests!


<table bgcolor="#CBD2F3" width="200" border="1" bordercolor="#000000" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1"><td>Okay, so your'e pretty into tests. Probably, when you're free Sunday night begging the work-week not to come, you head to the computer and drown your sorrows in online tests. It's okay, we've all been there. So test away, friend, test away.</td>

By the time you've finished the quiz, you already know the answer. They make it so long, only a truly dedicated quizzie will finish it.


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