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Y'all should know that for my various classes I have been assigned, on three different occasions, to make a book. On two of those occasions, we were to use artwork from the entire class on a theme, and on one occasion to do whatever we wanted.

The first book was All A's, which is my second favorite of the three. Everyone was to do art regarding the letter A and then we shoved it all into a book. I did the layout and cover and suchlike, though.

The second book was Magic!, where we were assigned to do a piece of art on Magic in some way, shape or form. Then we did the same thing. We collected all the work and then put it into a book that we each designed, did the layout, the front cover, etc.

The last one I made is a book of my photography, called Picturesque: Photos of my Past. If you've seen any of my better photos then you have a pretty good idea the general level of the photography inside it. I really enjoy this book, it's my favorite.

In any case, if you haven't noticed, you can click through on the titles and see the covers I designed and then preview the books and have some idea what they look like and if you might like them or *coughcough* wanttopurchaseany?

But I've also considered giving some of these, Picturesque mostly, to a few of my closer friends for Christmas or birthdays or whatever. On the other hand, I don't want to be all LOOK AT MY BOOK so I feel weird also about giving any of these to friends. So in the comments is probably a good place to casually mention if you'd actually be interested in receiving any of these books.

If I could suggest only one thing, though, it would be this. READ THE BACK COVERS! The back covers of all my books are always the BEST PART OF THE BOOK. And they're all in the previews ^_^


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