Fritters (fritters) wrote,

National Train Day Photos

On May 9th, postrophe, thudpucker and I went to National Train Day. And here's the shocker. I took pictures! I know, I know, it's stunning that I would do such a thing. But if you want to see any of them they're behind the cut.

First are three desktops that Martin wanted and I thought you might want to see. They're pre-shrunk for your viewing experience, so if you like them you can just right click and gank them and they'll be nice and large.

This is another shot of the same train.

Yeah, there were other trains, but I didn't get a shot of them. Not even the Patron car, which honestly deserves it. Wait... there's a few shots of it here.


But the coolest thing there was the group of people dressed period for the day. There were actually about 8 of them, but this was the best shot.

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