Fritters (fritters) wrote,

Memorial Day pics...

On Memorial Day, both postrophe and I had the day off, while others did not, so we hung out together and ended up at the Queen Mary. I took photos. It's what I do.

Firstly, yes, fish carpeting. I love it. I took a photo just for you, 'cause I'm thoughtful like that.

This is my favorite room on board. First, towards the bow...

...and starboard.

I can sit there for hours watching the boats go through the harbor.

Here's the main area...

If you eat there, be warned, they may put a cute little birdie in your salad...

And now for the shot of win. An ocean liner, a submarine and a dirigible in the same shot.

No, that's not a blimp, it's the Eureka, down from Moffett Field.

We also swung by Ports'o'Call since I'd never been there. While we didn't get a Krabby Patty, we did see the Crusty Crab...

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