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What I've Been Up To: Picture Post

Here's a quickie picture post of what I was up to from Thursday July 2nd through the Fourth last Saturday.

On Wednesday, catlyn99 asked me if I wanted to go to Anime Expo with her. I don't have to tell you how I answered.

In any case, I took a LOT of photos, but being all giggly and excited they came out crappy. I did have two to show you, though. The first because this is how a lot of the hallways at Anime Expo tend to look.

Littered with beautiful tired people ^_^

For those of you who only go to small conventions, this is how it looked on Thursday. As opposed to the BIG day of Saturday...

Friday, asimovberlioz and I went to Lake Balboa to harass the waterfowl.

You see the bird in the foreground in this next pic? He doesn't exist. I've looked at websites and a hardcopy book of all the birds in North America and nothing looks like him. If you know what this dude is, please tell me.

Saturday, I went back to AX with both catlyn99 and thudpucker. Being as I had already worn my hair in maneki neko hairsticks on Thursday as well as having worn my sapphire Japanese over robe thingy, I had nothing cool and Asian to wear. So I went in Independance Day colors. Blue jeans, red shirt, blue lipstick and necklace and red odango. Yes, at 39, I, a grown woman, went out with my hair in odango. With a little rhinestone barrette.

Yes, I have pictures. I am not proud. I may actually do it again sometime, with malice of forethought.

Here's thudpucker and I with a giant Prinny.

After we finally dragged ourselves home, still having not eaten dinner, we found out the guys who do the "volunteer fireworks" in our neighborhood (term gleefully stolen from ladypixel) were back this year after a one year hiatus. So we dragged our picnic chairs a few blocks to see the show.

They also exploded watermelon twice for our pleasure, which was awesome and hilarious and cool beyond belief. It didn't translate well into video, as you get one frame with a watermelon, and the next frame without a watermelon. It was loud as heck and attracted some of our good men in blue, though, who frightened Our Volunteer Boys away to a safe distance from which they could yell "Fu** the police!!"

After that long day we made a quickie dinner after which I was so tired I fell asleep on the carpet in the living room.

In other news, I have no plans for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Who wants to do stuff??


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