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Pictures from a Picnic

I'm not feeling up with the grammar and explanations, so let's get to the pictures and then I'll explain stuff in a random fashion as it occurs to me. Sorry for the lack of good narrative today.

I went on a picnic with my mom yesterday and I made a bento for the first time so I took a picture of it.

It's my first bento, which is why there are no octopus sausages or trains made out of ham. But I wanted a picture anyways.

The stuff on the left is onigiri (rice balls) made with sushi rice. They're filled with umeboshi (pickled plums), which when I let Martin taste one he described as "like mainlining salt". I guess they're an acquired taste. I sprinkled furikake on them because I thought it would taste cooler, which it did.

Next are little fried edamame dumplings, followed by pork dumplings underneath the dessert, which I set aside for last. The dessert was mochi with azuki bean filling, and the food on the far right is karaage, which we'd had for dinner on Tuesday night. Martin made that. It was all on a bed of rice.

The beverage was Ramune melon flavor. I got really interested in getting the marble out and Martin was kind enough to assist me. NOT an easy task. I've got it next to my computer now, though, it's pretty cool.

I actually hand made the onigiri and Martin hand made the karaage. When I was at Anime Expo I bought the Manga Cookbook, which I highly recommend. I had only paged halfway through it when I was seized with the desire to go out and buy ingredients and try things. I've read a LOT of cookbooks and recipes and nothing ever made it sound like it was worth the hassle to make stuff, but this makes everything a lot simpler. If you like Japanese food and are a beginner I HIGHLY recommend this book.

We also, on our picnic, saw this squirrel.

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