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Picture post...

Remember when I said I would have pictures later for you? Well, I'm back from my vacation, so before I edit my pictures (be very afraid) I thought I would edit and post the ones I promised last week.

Just a couple from postrophe's and my beach day, with a couple of Hunley thrown in for good measure.

Hunley asleep, being cute.

"Dear Lord, you're taking my picture again, aren't you?"

While at the beach, postrophe offered some of the leftover lickins from his orange soda to a passing squirrel...

"Thank you Lord for this sugar I am about to receive..."

Disapproving Seagull looks down on your shenanigans...

A shot of the breakwater made of the La Jenelle and the marker commemorating her.

Here's a tree we thought looked cool. If you think it's cool, too, I made a wallpaper of it, available upon request.

Comments below, as usual...

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