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Days 2 and 3 of our Trip Up North... which occurs some San Francisco and Richmond, and we end up in Buellton and Solvang.

The next day was the morning that I found out Wendy was dead, so honestly I didn't take many photos.

Here's a shot I got out of the window as we crossed the Oakland Bay Bridge.

I had never been in San Francisco before, so there are a great deal of wet and/or foggy shots in this post.

We eventually checked in to a lovely room at the Marriott in Richmond. Then we headed out to the party we were actually in town for. Here's a shot from the street the party was on.

Fog crawling across the bay as evening sets. Yup. More water and fog ^_^

Last shot of the day. Felice owned the World's Coolest Table. I was in awe of it and took more pictures of it than I gracefully ought to have. Check out all this dichroic glass. And yes, this is a one-of-a-kind piece, hand made.

The next day we headed out to see a little of San Francisco on our way out of town. We had reservations that night in Solvang, so there was a LOT of driving the next day.


WARNING: You are now entering the Traditional Tourist Shot section, where you've seen variations of most of these shots several times in your life.

Golden Gate Bridge! Taken out of the car window! With fog! Because that is the ONLY WAY IT COMES!

A shot of the city I got!


The bridge! From a different point of view!

And a movie of the bridge and the bay!

Oh, man, I feel that I look DREADFUL in this next shot. If it wasn't the best shot of us in front of the bridge, I would NOT be posting this pig on the internet. The wind and fog had sucked all the life from my mousse and my bangs are the Bangs of Death. But, look! There's a dog behind us!

We liked the dogs. We liked watching the dogs. We liked taking pictures of the dogs.

And another dog! Oh, and ...some ...bridge in the background.

And some dogs! With some bridge thing...

A shot WITHOUT dogs or bridges! Where did I FAIL??

Bridge! Water! Fog!

--------------END WARNING--------------

After all the San Franniness, we headed down the coast. Then we got to Half Moon Bay and the traffic sucked. So then we turned around and went north again. Then we went south again to avoid the Half Moon Bay traffic by being inland. And then we went through Gilroy during the Garlic Festival and hit MORE traffic. Then we got called from the hotel saying "Hey, you guys checking in tonight or what" and we're all "We're tryyying!"

Backstory: All my life when traveling on the highways of California, I have seen ads for Pea Soup Andersen's restaurant. There are two restaurants in the entire state and they have the traditional hokey "You're only 132 miles from Pea Soup Andersen's!" billboards. I also love their canned soup.

Karen promised me that we could eat there this trip. And that's where we went next, after having been in the car all day. I was pretty punch drunk and went into Full On Food Tourist Mood, with all the accompanying giddiness and silliness. I HAD been waiting over 20 years to go here...

We're there we're there we're there we're there!!!!

Full-on food geeking.

The place is fun in a cheesy, retro kind of way that charmed my butt clean off. Here's the image at the bottom of the soup bowl, what the cut-out photo op was of.

The placemat (heavily p-shopped) was kind enough to show us how far we'd driven that day. Not including the Half Moon Bay detour o_0

Martin, bless his heart, was VERY, very patient with me taking buttloads of photos and being Energetically Geeky.

The Famous Pea Soup Andersen's Soup! In a sourdough bread bowl, with a plate full of additions you can use.

How geeky was I at this point? I started to avoid the extras, going for the Pure Experience when I actually said "Wait. This is Andersen's! That means if there are extras, then they're CANON!"

You may roll your eyes here.

Later that evening, we had drinks in a little twinkly-bulbed gazebo in Solvang at our motel. Yes, Martin is telling a joke, he does not always look like that.

More on the Solvang Motel of Awesomeness in the next picture post.

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