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Day 4 of our trip up north...

This was the last day we were out of town, so y'all should be safe from picture posts for a while, barring me doing anything interesting in my last month of freedom...

I'm not feeling particularly "talky" at the moment, but you don't read many of my comments anyways, right?

We wanted to start out with a traditional Danish breakfast of æbleskiver and medisterpølse, and had been informed this was the best place for it.

Æbleskiver and medisterpølse.

Then we wandered around Solvang a bit just to casually enjoy the place. Here are some representative shots of how the place looks.

Does anyone know what flowers these are? That front one has a second flower on a stem growing from the first one 0_o

Solvang has a cute horse-drawn car that you can check out the town from.

While in Pebble People looking for a snowglobe with which to reward our cat sitter, we came across this lovely old music box.

Nearby was a traditionally Danish church that Karen wanted to show off.

The main thing about the Danish churches is they have a ship hung in them. We didn't expect the huge pipe organ, though. We played with the idea of coming back sometime for a service so we could hear it.

Next we wandered off to a cute little outdoor patio...

...for some shaved ice.

Hans Christian Andersen watches over his namesake park.

Wait, did you see in the background of that photo? Is that a dog? Is there a dog in the park???

OMG, it IS!! It's a DOG!!

On our way out of Solvang we swung into Mission Santa Ines, because, hey, mission!

You: "Hey, didn't Fritters make us sit through a pile of mission photos just a few days ago?"

Me: "...........shut up!"

Here's a better shot of the altar.

Some garden shots...

A nice hallway shot. Martin thought y'all might be interested in knowing that the sigil on the bench is actually the original brand they used for this mission on the cattle. They're using it as a logo now, which is pretty cool.

Comments highly encouraged...

P.S. I was going to include shots of where we stayed, because it was awesome, but the shots were not. Let me point out, though, that the Hamlet Motel is awesome, cute, has fridges and free wifi in every room, and unlike most good places to stay is only 70 a night for a couple. Find a place without bugs, that's cute, has nice staff and free wifi and fridges for under a hundred a couple and I will shake your hand. So if you ever go to Solvang, stay in the Hamlet Motel, because it is Made of Discount Win.

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